A guide to betting on football at bet365 – advice for punters

betting on football at bet365

If football is your sport of choice, then bet365 have what you need to bet on and hopefully make money from the beautiful game. There is no lack of opinions amongst fans at all levels and that’s why we love the game but it’s also what makes football betting so popular. You think you know more than your friends, fellow fans or even bookmakers? Prove it.
Now, on paper football betting is easy. Back the higher ranked team to win at home vs a lowly opponent and you’ll come out of the 90 minutes with more money than you started. If only life was that easy.

Check the results from any division – Premier League, Scottish Premiership, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 – on any given round of fixtures and you’ll find at least one upset. That could be a draw, a goal, an outsider snatching a win, anything. Now multiply that by the number of games taking place across planet football at any one time and it’s easy to see why profiting from football isn’t as easy as first thought.

Tips, handy hints and advice for football punters

Every gambler with a stake on football have their own views on how best to crack the code and beat the bookies. That could be backing one short-priced favourite a day – do that over a year and you’ll make a handsome profit – it could be supporting a low-scoring match or the draw. Perhaps you like to follow one plucky underdog a week. Whatever your chosen strategy, one thing remains the same – the end game, its all about beating the bookies. Football is great, making money from football is even better.

During our time following football and betting we have developed a love for the trends and always rely heavily on the numbers when investing our cash. It sounds like a lot of work but it’s not and the effort you put in is often paid back in the form of hard cash from the traders’ till.

Taking Manchester United vs Chelsea in the Premier League as an easy example. Firstly, it’ll be worth checking the recent results of both teams to find out which side is in better form. It’s then time to find a reliable results service with a decent catalogue of fixtures and investigate the head-to-head results. How have Man Utd fared against Chelsea over the last five years? How many goals have been scored at Old Trafford between the sides in that time? Which player has had most luck? Has there been any penalties or red cards?
Armed with that knowledge you can now put it to good use on any number of markets. Let’s say United have dominated the stats vs Chelsea at home in recent meetings. Back the Man Utd win. It won’t make you rich on its own, but it could earn you a profit or help boost your accumulator returns.

There’s always bigger and better prices to be had however and the stats can help land them too. If a player scored a few goals in the fixture last season back him to net first or anytime during play. If previous meetings have been nervy then why not trust under 2.5 goals in the game or the draw. If the two sets of players usually struggle to control their tempers in the heat of battle, the over cards betting is for you.

Knowledge is power – and profit

We’ve all done it and know we shouldn’t. Don’t rush your bets and, if you’re serious about making cash from football, set aside some time alone to study the results and make well-informed decisions. It’ll give you more chance of beating the bookies but if it all goes wrong you can at least take heart from the fact you were looking in the right places.

Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in your leagues, paying particular attention to squad injuries, fixture list, schedule, discipline and manager form. It all helps. There are lots of news sites dedicated to certain football leagues that’ll help and plenty of results services that makes checking form easy and fast.

Bet365 bet on every football league you can think of from England to China and cover more markets than most of the competition. They also offer live streaming, in-play betting, cash-out and edit your bet. Do all this on your desktop or bet on the go through their impressive app.