A guide to accumulator betting at bet365

accumulator at bet365

Accumulator (also know as Acca) betting is amongst the most popular forms of punting and it’s little wonder as it gives players the chance to win big for a small stake. Make your selections, from four or five upwards to double-figures and watch the potential returns grow. If lady luck is smiling on you a perfectly placed bet365 accumulator could change your week, month or even your year.

If you’ve not tried this type of bet before we’ll give you a quick rundown of how it works in it’s simplest form. Take four or more selections and place your stake. They now all have to win for your bet to be paid out with the stake on leg one rolling onto leg two and so on. It can be placed on any sport or even across a number of sports and the more selections there are the bigger the prize.

How to place an accumulator on bet365

Online betting is incredibly simple and easy to use, it doesn’t matter your age or experience betting online. Bookmakers want you to bet and they want you to bet quickly so there’s no point in them having you hanging around looking for selections or getting frustrated and changing your mind. That’s why everything is laid out in front of you.
Taking football as an example, all you have to do is select the ‘soccer’ section of the site and you’ll be presented with a list of options ranging from today’s matches to individual leagues and competitions. Today’s matches is always easiest as it helps you avoid a Sunday game slipping into your Saturday accumulator by mistake. Once you’re on the page of your choice simply click on each price/selection you want. That’ll add them all to your Bet Slip and it’s then up to you what to do with them.

If you have four selections, for example, you have the option to bet each as a single, double them, treble, or four-fold (accumulator). There’s also Yankee and Lucky 15 offered. Each carry a different stake – ie Lucky 15 is 15x your stake, so £1 stake = £15 bet. An accumulator is always 1x your stake as it’s always one bet – they all have to win. Therefore a £1 accumulator will always cost you £1. If it doesn’t, check back over your selections to see what you’ve done wrong.

This can be used on all football markets, for example you could club together a few first goal scorers, total goals, corners, anything you fancy. It also extends to boxing, horse racing, tennis, any sport you want to bet on and the same process applies when building the bet.

Handy tips for placing an acca

A couple of things worth noting if you are new to accumulator betting and fancy a go. It’s our favourite type of bet as you can win big for small stakes but it’s certainly not easy to land and most punters will remember their biggest accumulator wins. It’s a bet that’ll make you sweat, but the rewards are sweet. Think about how hard it is to predict the winner in major football or a horse race and then think how difficult it’ll be to get six in-a-row. But it is great fun at bet365.

Our advice would be to limit your stakes when you’re starting out and keep the number of selections down to a manageable number – don’t run before you can walk. Try four or five at first for a £1 risk and if you win that then use some of the winnings to go in again for more selections.

Bet365 allow you to cash-out your accumulators for a profit if the teams involved are doing well or you can partially cash-out, edit your selections in-play or set your limits before kick-off. That means you can tell the system to automatically cash-out at a certain level – say £100 – if it’s offered.